Prevention & Preparation

Fire Prevention Tips

  • Handle cigarettes and cigars responsibly.  Make sure they are fully extinguished before disposal.
  • Unplug electrical appliances such as coffee pots when not in use and at the close of business each day.
  • Turn off power to office equipment such as computers and calculators at the close of business each day.
  • Adhesives, cleaning fluids, and any other possible flammable liquids must be stored properly.
  • Eliminate extension cords where possible.
  • Adequately meet any ventilation requirements of specialized office equipment.
  • Where applicable, keep electrical closets within your suite locked.
  • Do not use space heaters or other portable electrical heating and cooling devices. 

Crime Prevention Message

Preventative measures against office thefts, burglaries after-hours and crimes against persons can best be achieved through the individual efforts of each occupant of the Building.  To minimize incidents, it is important that you establish and routinely monitor intra-company policies as they pertain to loss prevention.  We request that these policies be circulated among all employees and that everyone be made of aware of the importance of helping to ensure a safe and secure work environment.  Please make sure that your co-workers are aware that the Management Staff does not provide access control services to any individual Tenant suite.  Rather, contracts for access control services are on behalf of the building owner and are for the protection of their interests in common areas only.  It is up to individual companies to discuss with their employees’ simple guidelines such as securing laptops at all times and keeping suite entrances attended.  The Management Staff is available to assist you in providing this training.

Preparation for Severe Weather 

Tenants should maintain the following inventory of emergency equipment at a minimum:

  • Flashlights
  • Fresh batteries
  • First aid kits to treat minor injuries
  • Portable radios
  • Portable water source