Disaster & Medical Emergencies

Severe Weather

The US Weather Service reports the movement of severe weather that may present a threat to the metropolitan area.  In general, there are two (2) types of unusual weather conditions which may occur in our area:  Severe Thunderstorms & Tornadoes.  The greatest danger in these situations will be flying glass and objects; therefore, Tenants are encouraged to locate safe refuge areas offering the least amount of exposure to exterior window glass. The following guidelines should be used in the event of such an occurrence.

Note:  Public warning of severe weather will come over the radio, television, or five-minute steady blasts of sirens by the Municipal Defense warning system.

Tenant Responsibilities

If informed by the US Weather Service that severe weather is imminent, all occupants, if necessary, should:

  • Clear desks, tables and windowsills of books, papers or other items and secure them in boxes or drawers.
  • Move easily moveable furniture away from windows.
  • Store all easily moveable office equipment in interior offices.

Tenant Emergency Response Team Members should:

  • Move all occupants to the core areas of the building (corridors, elevator lobbies).  As you move, close doors of rooms with windows behind you.  Be sure the door to your suite is closed tightly but not locked.  
  • Stairwells are safe and can be used in a severe weather evacuation.  If possible, move to the lowest level for shelter.  Do not use elevators.
  • Do not go to the Main Lobby where glass windows are prevalent.
  • Advise others to stay calm.  Individuals trapped in exterior offices with windows should take cover underneath a desk or table.
  • After severe weather, notify the Management Office of all leaks, fires, and structural or other damage during or after the storm.