General Emergency Procedures

The safety of our tenants is a primary concern for the Management Staff at Perimeter Summit.  By informing you of the Building’s emergency plan, we hope to reduce the risk of threatening occurrences and coordinate quick, effective responses to emergency situations.  This handbook provides information to ensure the maximum protection for you and your co-workers.  It is essential that these procedures are fully understood and employed in the event of an emergency.

The primary goals of the emergency plan are:

  • To provide building occupants with an environment which is as safe as possible.
  • To comply with fire codes of DeKalb County and the State of Georgia.
  • To familiarize Building occupants with the emergency procedures. 

The scope of the emergency plan is:

  • Establish a sequential action plan for initially recognizing, identifying, and reporting the existence of specific emergency situations and then providing response procedures for the protection of personnel and/or property.

Tenants are encouraged to incorporate specific emergency procedures applicable only to their individual operations in addition to the procedures outlined in the following emergency plan.  These guidelines may include procedures to safeguard monies, negotiable instruments, original contracts etc.