Building Access Cards

Upon commencement of occupancy, Tenants are issued an initial complimentary set of building access cards determined by the number of employees currently employed or expected to be employed within the first 30 days of occupancy. 

Replacement cards may be purchased for $10.00 each from the Management Office.  To do so, the Designated Tenant Contact should submit the completed request form (located in the tenant move-in package) to the Management Office.  A courtesy staff member will deliver such cards to the Designated Tenant Contact who will be asked to sign for the charge or charges which will be billed by the Property Accountant.

It is of the utmost importance that the Management Office is advised immediately of any employees who have left the company voluntarily or involuntarily so that their access cards are immediately de-activated.  The Tenant may keep the de-activated cards in a secure location for future re-activation and assignment at no additional charge.

Periodically, the Designated Tenant Contact may be asked to review a list of all individual access card holders within their company to confirm accuracy.  Again, we appreciate your assistance.