Medical Emergencies

Time is extremely important in the case of a medical emergency.  We recommend that all tenants keep a first aid kit unlocked and fully stocked in their suite.  It is the tenant’s responsibility to also make sure that employees are aware of its location. The Management Office requests that tenants provide a list of any office personnel who are trained in CPR.  This reference is extremely valuable and will be used by the Management Office to locate trained individuals to assist in an emergency.


If you discover a medical emergency:

  • Dial 911 to request an ambulance.  Be prepared to give information regarding the sick or injured person’s condition and the address of the building.  See “location of building” in Introduction/General section of this manual.
  • Immediately notify the Management Office.  The Management Staff will help direct the emergency personnel to the appropriate area and bring an elevator to the ground floor to transport paramedics and the injured person.
  • NOTE:  Try to keep the sick or injured person comfortable without moving him/her.  If they are to be taken to the hospital, send a co-worker along to provide support until relative arrive.