Cleaning Services

Night cleaning services are provided Monday through Friday evenings.  During regular business hours, janitorial services are provided for the common areas of the Building.  

In addition to attending to Building common areas, the day cleaning staff will perform the following duties in your suite:

  • Floor work – sweeping/vacuuming/damp mopping/periodic spray-buffing (vinyl tile)
  • Dusting – horizontal surfaces
  • Glass work – wash doors, side lights
  • Waste removal – emptying all containers *
  • Carpet – spot cleaning (spots are defined as being less than or equal to the size of a quarter)

NOTE: No large items such as palettes, furniture, or equipment may be thrown into the building compactor. Tenant is responsible for removing and disposing of these items.

The following special services may be provided at the Tenant’s cost:

  • Carpets – wall to wall cleaning
  • Floors – sealing, waxing and treating custom floors
  • Walls – washed inch by inch to remove fingerprints and non-staining smudges
  • Kitchen – dishwashing service, appliance cleaning (refrigerators, microwave ovens)