Maintenance Services

A computerized work order system enables our engineers to provide effective daily service to Tenants as well as ensure that Building equipment is properly maintained.

Examples of services which are provided at no cost to Tenants:

  • Air conditioning or heating adjustments
  • Replacement of “building-standard” lights/ballasts

Examples of services which are provided at additional costs to Tenants:

  • Lock & key work
  • Replacement of “non-building-standard” lights/ballasts
  • Electrical work
  • Install Wall Hangings

The hourly rate for billable engineering services is currently $40.00 and may be subject to change.  Please note that engineering, janitorial, and courtesy staff members are not permitted to provide furniture moving services for liability and insurance reasons.

Customers are responsible for the maintenance/repair of equipment in their suite that is not considered building standard. Examples of non-standard equipment include supplemental heating and air conditioning units, special plumbing, appliances, special lighting fixtures, etc. Please refer to your lease for additional non-standard services and equipment.